Living Without Magazine

If you have any kind of food allergy, I highly recommend a magazine called Living Without. It’s not just for those with gluten allergies, but covers a wide range of food allergies. In each issue, in the back, there is a list of foods and what you can use for substitutions. They have recipes in the magazine each month and review products. Also, with your subscription, you get access to recipes on their website.
You can subscribe on the site, as well as order cookbooks.
Living Without has the answers, the support, the food and recipes to let you enjoy a healthy and meaningful life. The leading magazine and website for people living gluten free, Living Without features delicious recipes, diet advice and invaluable medical information.

  • Gluten Free and Dairy Free Recipes
  • Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Guidance
  • The Latest Research on Allergies
  • Questions for Your Allergist and Doctor
  • Kids and Allergies
  • Gluten Free Resources and Support
  • New Gluten Free Food Products
  • And Much More!

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